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We have a basic motive of promoting the Eco friendly environment. In the way of implementing and preserving Mother Nature, We produce and distribute worldwide the eco-friendly sugarcane bagasse products, which will change the habit of using products made out of plastic and non-degradable materials. Our products are ideal for Green minded cafeteria, school, office, home or any green events.


Cutting-edge Technology and investment
in Research and Development makes us an
Innovative Leader!


Good Products come with excellent performance.
Our high quality products deliver
Superior Performance!

Capacity & Low Cost Leader

Our unique sourcing efforts leverage huge capacity
and delivering bulk orders at the
Lowest Cost!

If you are looking for

sustainable and cost effective solutions for your business – choose Our premium product range.

Our Compostable

Sugarcane Bagasse Range

Our Story

At DEVEURO sustainability isn’t a product, it’s a passion. Our mission is to create packaging solutions that generate positive environmental and social impacts throughout their life cycle.

Our Custom Printed

Disposable Paper Plates

Good things come in GREAT packaging!



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